7 Words of Wisdom for Any Creative

Use Do Not Disturb and Only Check Phone a Few Times During Day

Take a Break

Don’t Undercharge.

Meeting Face to Face is Always Better.

Keep Your Records.

Set Your Standards.

Don’t Cut Corners and Be Responsible.

Keep Some Things for Yourself.

In an age where social media is used primarily for marketing and promotion, keep some things for yourself. Not everything has to be shared. Not every hobby has to make you a dollar. Don’t get caught up in you’re creating or doing simply for a social media post. Choose the actual moment. Some things you just do because you want to and love it.

Do the Best for Yourself too.

Your work and dreams deserve your time and talent too, ya know? Don’t neglect your portfolio or vision even if you are busy. Make time to continually invest in yourself. For example, I really wanted to learn a new program that I was interested in and would drastically improve my work. I kept saying yes to projects and delayed getting started. Now, I plan and dedicate almost an entire day during the week to strictly work within this new program. You deserve your own time.