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How to Automate Social Media Posts

If you ask anyone involved with social media, they will probably tell you the same thing. It’s great for businesses, but at times, it can be very overwhelming. Luckily, over the past few years, a lot of developers have stepped up and created platforms that can help with management.

One of those: Onlypult.

It’s September 2020 so if you are reading this and know of this platform and had no luck, come back to it! At one point, it was a new company and they had several issues. The good news is: they have come a long way. Earlier this year, they rolled out a huge update with new features. Since then, I have had no issues.

Back to it: What is it? why is it a good platform? How can it help?

This app lets you automate posts. Basically what that means is you can plan your content so you are not manually creating posts every time you are posting something. This is great if you want to plan a campaign or have multiple items to share.

They have other features on the backend like others (Hootsuite, Later, etc.) including optimization tools. Based on your followers, this platform will tell you when to schedule posts. Don’t worry about keeping up with the times though. You are able to create a calendar and save time slots. From there, create your post and select the next available opening.

Take a look at the image above. Based on this chart, the most popular time to post is Thursday at 17:00 or 5:00PM. Make a note though: This must be updated at least once a month. It won’t change much, but you will need to update your optimal times regularly.

Initially, this platform only worked with Instagram. Now, you can schedule on other platforms like Facebook, Pinterest and others. It’s affordable and customer support is reliable. By the way: This is a Russian-based company so don’t be surprised by weird invoices you receive if you are in the U.S.

Another important feature to point out that is new: feed visibility when creating posts. For my creative people out there – you can create a custom, consistent look easily by seeing your feed. This is important is you are working with a specific grid for your profile or want to keep within certain branding guidelines. If you aren’t familiar with branding, this probably won’t make sense at all.

Check out my dashboard above to see what it looks like.

Side note: the Halloween campaign is NOT complete so don’t judge me.

You can see upcoming posts which helps to know what you already have in queue and what a specific campaign is going to look like on the feed. When it comes to social media: planning really is key.

Sign up for Onlypult here.

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Other platforms you can use for automation: Buffer, Hootsuite, Later.