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Lost Creek Falls | Disney’s 1994 Jungle Book Film Location

Sparta, Tennessee

A remote 0.2 mile trail leading to a 40′ waterfall and cave.

Coordinates: 35.84109, -85.36103

Address: White’s Cave Rd, Sparta, TN

Details: Open year round. The area closes at sundown, and reopens at sunrise. No hunting, fishing or camping. Parking, + dog friendly.

If this place looks familiar, you may be thinking of ‘Jungle Book’. Turns out, the charm of this place attracted Walt Disney Co in 1994 to film a few scenes from the “Jungle Book” – utilizing both the waterfall and cave entrance.

Lost Creek Cave

With 5 different entrances, Lost Creek Cave is one of the larger caves in Tennessee with seven miles of mapped passages. It is home to rare species so the cave is closed during the hibernation and swarming time of the bats. Access is allowed during other times, but a no-cost permit must be obtained from the Nature Center at Fall Creek Falls.

Side note: These aren’t the greatest photos but still wanted to share because this place is so cool! It was rainy that day (hence the blurry pics) but well worth the trip. On the way in, you will pass several large farms. Enjoy your trip.


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