E Commerce

A large scale E-Commerce website built using Shopify + which houses a retail, wholesale and designer site totaling 3 separate storefronts. Integrated with various apps.

This was a huge project that entailed several moving parts. The first challenge was creating a e commerce site that housed multiple storefronts for different shoppers. Wholesale, retail and designer pricing was different so technically, this is 3 sites in 1 – all showcasing different pricing and different items.

Another challenge was getting the actual merchandise photographed and website ready. For this, I photoshopped multiple images and shot the rest. In addition to photography, I also created several 3D renderings.

Lastly, I created a cohesive look through complementary visual media. I utilized images revolving around natural elements, gems and material that is used to create the items.

Once the site was set, I created various in house materials that could be mailed and handed out – those items included a 200+ page catalog and a look book for High Point Market.

Overall, this was a challenging and very rewarding experience! The media I created has been used on not only this site but even larger retail sites including Wayfair, Kathy Kuo, Perigold, Serena and Lily and countless others!