Christmas in Charleston

Photography: Rosemary Fields

One of the best days I can remember!

Mid-December walking around downtown Charleston shooting the Christmas decor!

They use a lot of oranges, magnolias and ribbon. I thought that was really interesting. It made me realize each place has a different idea of traditional Christmas decor.

Most of these homes faced the ocean and were right on the shore. The neighborhoods were established with mature trees and worn pavers. Most of the long-standing historic homes were being renovated. Tight-knit residential areas with shared drives and on looking balconies shaded by thick foliage and swaying palms.

Can you imagine? Because I can 😍

Also had a few of vendors set up. Had to stop, talk to them and watch for a while.

There were two other photographers I ran into – they said Boston would be best for architectural shoots because of the buildings.

Of all things, I really love exploring new places and getting an idea of the culture, history, traditions and design of each.

Enjoy this shoot of one of the most beautiful cities I have been too.