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Client: Southtown Moxie

Look alive, look alive, look alive! PSA: Today is the day. Launch day!

I always get excited on Launch Day because everything I’ve been working on for a few weeks is finally handed over to the client and set loose in the Wild World Wide Web for all to see. The excitement of working with other business owners never gets old.

This site was really different from anything I’ve done before. I’ve had this design idea in mind for a while, but ideas never come into play until I find just the right opportunity. This was it.

I’m a big fan of editorial design – I think simplicity is the ultimate form of elegance. I wanted this site to reflect just that. Professionalism, modern feel yet not so stiff.

It’s my belief the best designs – in any industry – are balanced. A fine line and a game of finding which two polar opposites complement each other.

For this project, I struck a match between a lot of opposites. Using both a serif and sans serif font, a hefty, bold, strong font was coupled with a delicate, italic serif font. To make the pair even more pronounced, I used a lot of white space. Various sections featured letter kerning and fun formatting for a little play. What may seem taboo actually worked well for the look I had in mind – negative kerning! Rather than spreading the letters out, I pulled them closer.

For the color scheme, we used mostly black and white – because look at those pictures! Beautiful color! Dark rust for an earthy yet totally professional feel.

Check it out!

Southtown Moxie