Rhinestone Denim Jacket

I can’t say this was my original idea because I actually saw it on social media a while back and decided to make it myself. This is super easy to make! You can embellish a lot of different items too.

This is perfect for a birthday dinner, concert, or photoshoot. Denim is never out of context, and who doesn’t love rhinestones?

I bought this oversized jacket for like $20 at Gabe’s in Cookeville. I got an acid wash for a lighter color. The rhinestone ribbon is from Hobby Lobby. It’s a lot easier to cut the ribbon, glue on and then cut the ribbon into individual strands. I went with a longer strand but you can cut it to whatever length you choose!

I added the rhinestones across the shoulder blades only, but I’ve found other styles I think are really cool too! Here are a few other ideas…


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