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What Makes Content Great?

Attention is a scarce asset. Fleeting and easy to lose. In a tech-based world, all marketing avenues & platforms are built to interrupt. At this point, every digital & physical site and space is it’s own advertising agency.

Content is important (see blog post). Today’s consumers are constantly bombarded with some sort of ad. Advertising is a growing industry. If you’re not in front of your ideal client or consumer, someone else is. So when it comes to growing your business and putting yourself out there, how can you make your content or brand stand out?

By building context and trust through design. 

Design entails beautiful content or a great aesthetic, but it’s more so about connecting with viewers on a different level. 

What’s going to stop them from scrolling past your content or take a minute to view your marketing material or look into your brand? More importantly, why are they going to keep checking back with you?

People don’t trust ads – they’re everywhere. So really the more money you spend, the more people you annoy. Does it have to be a bad impression though? Not at all. That’s where design comes in. It may seem counterproductive, but don’t focus on selling. Loud, obnoxious promos are a quick way to turn a viewer off or be dismissed completely. Authenticity is the sauce. Read this past post.

By working with a designer to fully customize and build content around your business & vision AND make it worth engaging with or following, you’re separating yourself from everyone else. 


If your strategy is copying someone else’s content, you’re doing it wrong. I will say it again: if your marketing strategy is copying someone else’s content, you’re doing it wrong. Is your business model relying on someone else’s ideas? If so, what’s the point of being a business owner? If you have no intention or mission, what are you really after then? Why are you in business?

Great design is always backed by strategy and behind the scene context you don’t see. If you’re just pulling content from another brand or business, it will always be secondhand. SEO and online authority doesn’t work that way either. Authentic, original content always does best for many reasons on many different mediums. The goal for any business should be to create their own brand tailored to their mission, strategy and in return following and success. Start with asking yourself: why do I do what I do? It’s a simple question but will take time to answer. Then support that foundational value with aesthetic and design that conveys just that. It’s all about building on top of a solid foundation.

The beauty of marketing is similar to life itself: no one is you and that’s your power. That’s the draw of you & your business.


Loud, inconsistently branded ads don’t work. Overly branded ads or graphics scream amateur. Unfortunately, the competition is getting tougher and that won’t work as the digital world progresses.

Is your audience seeing the same thing over and over and over and over? Does it look like you’re just trying to get people to remember your logo because it’s on every…single….graphic? You’re doing it wrong. 

Branding is more about building a culture and look that is recognized even without a logo. To viewers, they probably can’t exactly put their finger on why they love your brand. ‘I like that brand because their content is cool. It resonates with me. It’s inspiring. It’s colorful or bold or funny’…whatever that adjective is. That’s what branding achieves. The subconscious connection.

Think of a house. What makes the house so great is the tile coordinates with the cabinets. The floor complements the built-ins. The exterior goes well with the interior. The colors and textures all work well together even though they’re all completely different. It’s all playing together to create an entire space.

After continuously posting the same thing, saying the same thing or using the same graphics, it just doesn’t work. Most brands start out great – the new ads work well because they’re new. But digital media doesn’t last that long. An impression is replaced with the next thing on the feed or they just passed another billboard. And if you’re just bombarding people with the same content, it gets old. What makes your content keep viewers viewing? Your goal should be to build a following with ever-changing, engaging content that supports a larger vision.


As all media – digital and print – continues to grow and expand, design is emerging as a key player. Gone are the days of paying a college student $8/hr to design your social media content. If you take your business seriously and want to compete, you need a professional. (And designers, it’s time to charge what you’re worth – check out this post)

How many of your current clients called you directly or walked into your storefront? Probably not many. They all found you online or saw an ad. There was something that caught their eye & made them take that next step if they’re a brand new client. With that being said, what does your first impression look like?

Design is independent. Strategy is chess, not checkers. And marketing is always a long game.

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