What’s Included in a Brand Kit & Why You Need One

What is branding? Over the past few years, it’s become a buzzword and a service most designers offer.

It’s a visual build out of your brand. A single logo is no longer sufficient. Branding is now an all encompassing design kit. Think of it this way: With websites being the primary platform for businesses, your site should be a quick way for clients to see and connect with your brand. The specific colors, fonts, patterns AND logo create a larger picture. That’s why we not only believe in branding elements but also content curation.

Visual media that is ‘branded’ can be carried across multiple platforms including websites, social media, newsletters and more!

Here’s what to expect in a brand kit:

  • Visual direction mood board
  • Fonts
  • Color Palette
  • Patterns
  • Main logo
  • Alternative logo / Watermark
  • Illustrations, icons, elements, etc.


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