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Social Media Basics

If you're like everyone and their mom, you have at least one social media profile. With that being said, when it comes to business, if you are not actively promoting your business on social media, you're doing it wrong. Forget billboards, mailings and other printed...

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How to Protect Social Media Accounts from Hacks

Today, social media hacks happen quite often. Unfortunately, there are sorry people out there with nothing better to do. There's a number of reasons why social media accounts are hacked. Large personal or business accounts with many followers are especially targeted....

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How to Fix a Slow Website

So a slow website is never good. Not only is it frustrating, but people aren't willing to wait around for content to load. Here are a few things that may be making your site slow. How to Fix a Slow Website: Hosting Provider Providers promoting cheap packages may not...

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Social Media Branding

When I first started managing social media accounts for businesses, I was always worried about using the correct language and using the right words. "How can I put this best? I need to just state the basics that were given to me and let it be...don't want to make...

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Real Estate Marketing is Actually Tourism

Real estate marketing has to be the best kind of marketing. I love bringing new people to this area and showcasing the best of this region. After all, this is my 'home region' and I consider it the best place to live. When it comes down to it, real estate marketing is...

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How to Add Social Icons to Website with HTML Code

Ah, the wonderful world of code! Where possibilities are endless and random letters and numbers somehow make hyperlinked images on the frontend. Wild! Are you wanting to add social media links to your website? Pretty important right? How to Add Social Icons to Website...

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