I am excited to launch a brand new series: the “Uncut Series” on YouTube! Embark on an unfiltered journey through some of the world’s most breathtaking landscapes and destinations. Say goodbye to quick cuts and edits – in this series, I am diving deep into the raw beauty of our planet with extended drone footage. […]

The amazing world of design! So you have the fonts, colors and overall direction but need one more thing to add in. Try a seamless pattern! I’ve always been a really big fan of illustration. These layered graphics are perfect for almost anything. These days, you can have most anything printed or created by another […]

Need a nice, clean font for a logo or artwork? I am a huge fan of serif fonts. You really can’t go wrong with the classic feel and polished look. They also pair nicely with almost any other font style. Here are my top picks for this month: Loading Preview… Powered by Creative Market Loading […]

Design elements are universal. Whether you are an interior designer, graphic designer, architect, painter or anything else that involves some sort of creativity, you have probably considered some, if not all, of these elements of design.  What is design though? Is it simply lines, shapes, colors and organization? Whatever it is, it is easy to […]