The Best Email Marketing Platform

The most important thing you can do for your business is to stay in touch with clients and customers – especially if you rely on referrals or want to build a following!

Mailchimp is my go to platform for all things email marketing. Having a mailing list is 100% necessary for every single entrepreneur or business, it is important for a lot of businesses. 

First thing you will need to get started is a map of what content you will be promoting. It will change for every business and entrepreneur. More than likely, it will revolve around these key categories: company updates, services or products, new informative blog posts and curated content tailored to your business.

There are several ways to capture email addresses. Add a sign up form on your website and create graphics on social media to gain new subscribers. 

MailChimp offers several features that make signing up very easy. It’s possible to integrate a sign up form on your website or even create a link. Once a contact is added, you can even set up an automatic welcome email.

Be sure to create a custom design tailored to your branding specs. If you’re familiar with design or plan on hiring someone, request a custom newsletter. If you can’t afford to hire a marketing pro or designer, the dashboard is easy to navigate and Mailchimp offers templates. 

The free plan is sufficient. The only downside is you will have the Mailchimp badge at the bottom of the email, and you will not have total access to all features.

As you get more advanced, you can create specific tags and audiences. You can even automate emails that are useful if you are funneling clients or customers. Organize contacts, and set up ‘journeys’ that nurture contacts.

Dive into Mailchimp, and get started with your own mailing list!

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