The Best Website Domain Provider

Are you building a website? Need to purchase a domain to connect to your website and make it live?

Some platforms include a free domain for your first year but some don’t. Consider Hover for your website domain.

This is one of the easiest platforms to navigate. They also have a much shorter propagation time so your website is live quicker.

Their customer service and tech support is great! If you run into any issues or have a hard time understanding which record to change, they are quick to offer support. 

They offer an auto renewal option for all domains so you can keep your site connected. 

You can quickly connect your site by changing the A record. If you are venturing into web development, they also make it easy to add tags and coding. 

If you’re into coding and totally customizing websites, they also offer a free back up. No more losing extensive work! With just a click you can easily restore your site.

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